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Welcome to our FAQ page! We're covering our most frequently asked questions. We will answer all your main questions in the list below.

How to choose my size?

Girdles can help you shape and enhance the authentic figure of your body, but it will always be necessary to choose the right one to obtain good results and show them off aesthetically, comfortably and safely.

What happens if I wear a size smaller than appropriate?

All extremes can be harmful, which is why we recommend using the correct size in your shapewear; if it is smaller, it could cause you various health conditions, cause the garment to deteriorate early thanks to excessive elongation, which does not guarantee its quality, and it may also happen that the garment forms unsightly and visible markings with clothes; Likewise, if it is a larger size, it may not generate the expected results.

What care should I take when putting on my girdle?

Keep in mind the following recommendations:

Before putting on the garment, verify that it is in perfect condition.
Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
Avoid using rings, handles or any sharp element when putting on the garment.
Pull the garment from the sides, to avoid rupture in the fabrics, fabrics and seams.
Check that the badge is fastened correctly.
Suspend its use if you have allergies or skin reactions.
Do not use during the pregnancy.
Do not use if you suffer from asthma, hypertension, colon or skin diseases.
Putting on your girdles the right way will help you look better, feel more comfortable, highlight your beauty, and prevent damage caused by misuse.

Can I apply reducing creams or gels before putting on my girdles?

With the use of girdles you can apply body creams, reducing gels or oils, as long as you make sure that your skin is completely dry before putting on the girdle, to avoid moisture that could affect your health and the condition of the garment.

Should I wear underwear with my shapewear?

Ideally, for reasons of hygiene, you should always wear underwear under your girdle. If you decide not to, we suggest you use an intimate protector, place it without removing the adhesive so that it does not stick to the girdle. In addition, we suggest that the underwear you wear be discreet to prevent it from rolling up and causing markings; With these recommendations you will be able to better manipulate your clothes for greater comfort when going to the bathroom

How many girdles is recommended to have for a post-surgical?

At this stage it is essential to have at least two girdles, so that you can change them and clean them when necessary and thus avoid conditions due to body fluids retained in the garment. This will also be very useful when you have to adjust the size of your girdles, since you can do it one by one without having to stop using it.

How should I wash my girdles?

We recommend you wash your girdles periodically, ideally after each use, although depending on the conditions of your body, what you use it for and for how long a day, you can define a different washing time, for this reason it is recommended that you have at least two garments to generate adequate asepsis without the need to suspend their use.

- Wash them by hand with cold water and neutral soap or if it is by machine, put the garment in the special washing bag.
- Do not use bleach.
- Don't twist them.
- Do not use dryers, let them dry in the shade.
- Don't iron them.

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