German Chemical Hardener

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Química Alemana's 0.47-ounce bottle of nail hardener with an exclusive treatment formulated to strengthen and repair brittle and brittle nails. The German Chemical Nail Hardener can be applied as a base coat before applying nail polish. German Chemistry uses a highly concentrated formula to repair nails, so it should only be applied as a thin base and no more than once a week. This extraordinary treatment will make nails look visibly healthier and stronger with just about 3 weeks of application. Details: 0.47-ounce bottle Strengthens weak nails Strengthens weak nails Prevents splitting and peeling. Results in just 1 week. Instructions: First shake the bottle well and apply the hardener to clean and dry nails. Tip: apply from the center of the nails to the tip. Second, if using as a base coat, make sure your nails are completely dry before covering them with polish. Suggested Use: Apply a thin layer once a week for the first three weeks. Suggested Use: After 3 weeks, cover nails completely with a thin layer once a week. (Do not apply the hardener more than once a week.) Attention: if you feel pain, burning or persistent discomfort, remove it immediately and do not use it again. Avoid contact with cuticles and skin. The product is not designed for daily use. Keep out of the reach of children. Apply it in well-ventilated areas.

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