M&D Abdominal Foam Ref. 105

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This compression abdominal post-op foam/board is ideal for after liposuction, lipo or abdominoplasty due to its comfort, safety and design. It is imperceptible under any gaze and the best friend for your clients after surgery.

  • Helps the skin adhere to the muscle.
  • A rigid inner board that prevents it from losing its shape.
  • Its fabric contains antibacterial and moisture absorbent properties.
  • Prevents the girdle from folding and causing folds in the skin.
  • Flattens the tummy evenly.
  • A great post lipo op accessory for girdles.
  • It offers additional coverage around your client's waist.
  • It fits ideally to the shape of the body.
  • Designed to provide comfort and be worn under your clients' post-operative girdle.
  • Width: 116″ / Height: 128″
  • Available in black

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