LIPOSUCTION FOAM- Foam for liposuction

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It is believed that fat cells are evenly redistributed by the pressure of the foam plus the pressure garment. The result is smoother skin.

Foam gives you a more comfortable recovery: Liposuction foam is also comfortable under a compression garment and there is less immediate post-operative sensitivity. Provides smooth, uniform compression over the suctioned area. Essential for liposuction recovery It is ideal for arms, chin, abdomen, thighs or any area that requires uniform healing. Lipo Foam can be inserted between a garment and the suctioned areas or adhered to the surface.

The combination dramatically reduces bruising, less swelling, and less ecchymosis. A bruise occurs when red blood cells leak from the blood vessels and move to the surface of the skin. Applying the foam directly to the skin under a compression garment firmly compresses the collagen fibers in the skin and helps heal the vacated area by minimizing the movement of red blood cells from the liposuction wound to the skin's surface.

Liposuction foam can be used with any plastic surgery procedure: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast contouring, just to name a few and with any post surgical girdle, cesarean section girdle, post surgical compression garments or compression garments to aid in the healing process. recovery.
These medical grade liposuction foams are a must have for post surgical recovery. Add as many loose leaves as you like!


• Provides even compression, resulting in a smooth, even finish to the skin.

• Intensifies compression under the garment to help reduce bruising and swelling

• Absorbs drainage fluid

• Soft and comfortable for the skin

• Less immediate postoperative sensitivity

• Can be cut to the desired shape / size

• 8" x 10.5" high quality and 1/2" thick

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