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The belly button girdle is a silicone umbilical sphere shaper used after abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, bariatric surgery and/or umbilical hernia repair. This helps reduce scarring and shape the round naval appearance.


Especially indicated for abdominoplasty, hernias and aesthetic surgeries where reconstruction of the navel.
Designed to model the recently operated navel and avoid scar retraction (navel closure).
Helps in the proper healing of the operated navel, avoiding its obstruction.
It is anatomically shaped and has great durability.


Wash in cold water with a mild soap.
Let air dry.


Use the product to ensure that the navel region is clean and dry;
Place the bolster at the navel site, placing the thinnest part of the product on the umbilical cord.
Put on the compression garment or girdle indicated for use in abdominoplasty.
The product can be used 24 hours a day.
Clean the umbilical region and navel plug at least once a day.
Wash with mild soap and water and allow to dry naturally.
Its use 14 days after surgery. Abdominoplasty patients should wait until after 3 weeks when the incision has closed.
Use in accordance with medical advice.
The purchase of surgical tape to keep the belly button shaper in place is recommended if the girdle/compression garment does not help keep it in place.

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